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Dec. 29th, 2009

Spent day off with Jon

*Snickers madly.* *Wipes tears from my eyes.*

I hope everyone is having a restful Yule. Happy New Year!

Watched The Half-Blood Prince. Oddly I liked it. It didn't keep a lot of the books annoying bits. Did a good job with THE BIG Thing. Poor Severus. The extra with Tom Felton where he was asking single answer questions was the most fun. He was thoroughly charming.

Early birthday wishes [info]scribbulus_ink. My mum's has the same day and I didn't want to miss sending them along.

Aug. 27th, 2009

Randomness and linkage with Poodles

Wow! Bones season 4 is going to cost 62.49! That's twice what seasons 1, 2 or 3 cost.

Did I mention I met Claudia Black? ;D Aeryn always makes me feel better.
I was catching up with Rachel (still behind) and was happy to see Alison Stewart ! She is so sarcastic.
Jon Stewart for the win.

Linking to....
Scary Poodles I must admit the Jack Sparrow is cute.
How to get people to play you game Funny because I came across the last one just last night. It's amazing the stuff you just stop noticing.
Clippy gets his

Aug. 26th, 2009

Bones, Rachel and Subway

More Bones news.
I was smug and then they got me. I have to say about 1/2 the time, maybe a little less I figure it all out before the big *Taaadaaa* moment. I totally didn't see the Zack thing coming. However, I also didn't buy it. I call Bullpucky. Also, wow there doesn't appear to be any emotional fallout/continuity from the whole affair which felt really false to me. They were a tight group. Plus, no way, JMHO. Two more eps and then I am done season three and four isn't out until October which stinks. I liked the UK ep a lot seemed . Still liking Bones and Booth as team. Booth can say things the annoy me but generally I like him. Cam is my next favourite and I need an Empress of the Lab icon for her. .

I haven't watched Rachel in days I am going into withdrawal....although I did get to use my bullpucky icon. \o/

Started my usual August overtime. 6 hours yesterday. I hate working overtime.

Almost done my month RECing Jack and Daniel. I am not good at writing up... You should read this because... which is too bad but I like what I have rec'd so far and a few people have commented. This next one might get me in trouble with Carter fans but I am hoping not too much. She isn't in it much and she isn't the *Atlantis Carter* I liked so much so *fingers crossed* I'm going for it anyway.

Dear Subway.
A cookie should not fold over when you pick it up. If I wanted raw cookie dough I'd buy those Pillsbury slice and bake cookie dough rolls. Please leave them in the oven longer then three minutes. Thanks. I will say...awesome turkey wrap.

Can you rebake a cookie?

Aug. 24th, 2009

Go Me

Flash-watched the first two seasons of Bones this weekend. Bought season 3 today.

I like everyone, which is really rare for me. I must admit though, Bones and Booth really remind me of Mulder and Scully. Oh and I now see why Cam is there.

Aug. 23rd, 2009


So I have been up late all weekend watching my new Bones dvds (5:30 this morning *yawn*). I must admit I like them for the most part. It was only Friday I was telling [info - personal] data_warrior that I didn't like Booth. His attitude is annoying at times. She says well yeah but he's F.B.I.. My response ... predicable. Mulder never annoyed me. ;) Booth doesn't bug me as much anymore.

Bones is inconsistent at times but I think for the most part she is pretty we written and well acted. I am assuming the problems I have don't expand, so it's a tentative thumbs up. I like the team and even like her new boss (I'm on the second disk of S2), although I miss Goodman and don't really get why she is there. I think if anything I'd like less playing of the boy/girl standards, but I am weird that way.

I have quibbles and it sure isn't the books (although Brennan can annoy me in the books too), but it's a good show, what I have seen anyway.

Also, wouldn't a NCIS/Bones crossover be awesome. I'd love to see Bones react to Gibbs' people.

Aug. 18th, 2009


It's possible that I have a thing for Jon Stewart. I've made and icon and that's never a good sign.

Watched Rachel on Meet the Press. She seemed the most reasonable of the guests, not that I am biased ;). I know I would have punch Dick in the face, he was very condescending.

Reading Retrograde again, I printed it out. Damn that's an awesome story. Aliaself it's Gen for the most part (Mitchell/John toward the end in the extras written by Victoria Custer) SGA/SG1 crossover and worth ever minute of your time. The Jack especially in this is pitch perfect.

Can't decide what to rec for my next Jack/Daniel. I'm thinking an AU.

Starting doing the Canada Food guide... which isn't a diet really but, with the way I normally eat it really is. I have to say I was much less hungry eating less food even when it was crap. Trying to get all the food groups in is hard... also there is no listing for whisky... or DC for that matter.;)

Aug. 11th, 2009

Dvds, wimp and David

Caught up on some movies I have been meaning to watch. Cirque Du Soleil's Quidam and Alegria, I'd seen Quidam live so it was cool to see what you missed when you saw it live. Stargate :The Movie which lead to James Spader perving and a rewatch of Tuff Turf which was a horrific 80's movie with some yummy Spader bits. Then last night I watched 8 below. I don't think I cried that much since Doctor Who's Journey's End (insert wailing from even thinking about DW). Though upon reflection I can say the dogs didn't effect me as much as DW. Still though, wow am I ever a watering pot.

Made a few new icons.

Oh and I really should torture you all with my David Hewlett and David Nykl pictures.

Beware... me under here )

Jul. 4th, 2009


Happy Birthday to the U.S. of A.

Jun. 29th, 2009


Went to Scotland Yard (local Pub) for dinner. Had my first Guinness, I liked it. Tried butter chicken for the first time as well. Yuuum! The sweet potatoe fries were a mistake. Including a beer for me and a shot for SSS, it cost us $51 which seems fair.

The serious.
Rachel Maddow hosted a panel which was really interesting and you can watch it online. Blueprint for Accountability: Working the Dark Side

The funny.
*Snicker* Dating in the computer age Thanks [info - personal]data_warrior

Another first.
Crossposting this.

Feb. 5th, 2009

Catch-up..really random.

* Bought a waffle iron. Yum
* Finally fixed my sister's PC. I'm not sure I like OpenSuse 11.1
* Fixed my home network. Surfing from my bed is v-cool. ;0
* Went to see Slumdog Millionaire. Wow. Not at all what I thought it would be. Freida is gorgeous but Dev definitely steals the show.
* Next week we go to Milk.
* I`m supposed to be on vacation next week but C still isn't back so I doubt it.
* I've started reading NCIS fic. Gibbs/Tony. I was thinking of buying the dvds but I decided to stay with the fic instead. Need more Gibbs/Tony fic. Need an icon too.
* It's dragged not drug and no amount of people talking *common usage rule* will convince me otherwise.
* [info]data_warrior's jambalaya nearly killed us.
* Total rip off of State of Play coming out. Should suck a lot as John Simm owned the part of Cal and no amount of gratuitous violence will change that...IMHO.
* New Clive Owen and Julia Roberts movie looks good. Could be my CO bias colouring my opinion. ;)
* I think The Steve Martin Pink Panther movies are funny. Yes, I really am that weird.

Jan. 20th, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day to America

That was quite the party. We were lucky to be able to watch parts of it at work. I'll look forward to recaps when I can pay better attention to the details.

Congrats on you new Prez.

Oh and how awesome that he gave a shout out to the *Non-Believers* Whooot!

Dec. 18th, 2008


Rick Warren?! Seriously? That's disturbing and disappointing.

Dec. 10th, 2008

Wine and wimpiness

Yellow Tail. Shiraz. Australian. Yum.

Was conned into going to the Festive Holiday Celebration this year. First time I went in ... 6-7 years? Should be really lame. I'll take pictures.

In response the the meme floating about LJ regarding celebrity deaths and if the effect you. I'd say no.. except for Carl Sagan. I'm still not over that one.

I am however a huge wuss and sympathy cry over any number of things relating to people, animals, giant Buddhas, cave painting etc. I sobbed all though Princess Diana's funeral and I was not a fan at all. It's an over active sense of empathy I think. Case in point I did not cry at all when my Grandma died because for me we'd lost her to stroke long before we actually lost her. However when my younger cousins started sobbing all over me I took on their sense of loss and was just as weepy as them..

Dec. 7th, 2008

News porn. Regular porn. Farscape. Wackiness. Geek.

I watch Rachel first now. I don't know what happened Keith?

I accidentally signed up to a porn site. No really it was an accident. I was trying to get a copy of the MSNBC Witness to Jonestown, sadly I don't get MSNBC but Rachel was talking about this so I wanted to catch it. Well I found a site that said they had it but you had to join, it was only $4.80 or something for 3 days so I thought what the heck. Joined up but alas they had to *manually* upload the files because it was a low interest download. They will email me when it's uploaded. Well of course they never did and I forgot to cancel before the three day trial was over so I ended up being charged $50. I went to the site to cancel and yikes my eyes are bleeding. Porn everywhere... and not even good porn ;) ! I can't believe I let myself be hosed like that.

Still watching Farscape. Still loving Aeryn Sun best although I really like John too. And look! I am a het fan in that fandom! Aeryn/John yipeee!. ;)

Looking for fic.

I watched Jesus Camp tonight. Yikes.

Immediately re watched Saved! (why is there no soundtrack for that?) Made an icon, started downloading Dawkins' The Enemies of Reason and bought three shirts, my favourite having this logo Flying Spaghetti Monster although I really liked this one too so I bought one for SSS as well

Now I will corrupt myself by reading slash until I stop bleeding from the ears.

Attempted to be geek-like and install Suse on my sisters pc. I did manage the repartitioning of vista (shudder) but then forgot I need to do a network install of Suse. I'll look at it again tomorrow.

Any way... the computer room looked sufficiently geeky. ;) I was using the laptop to get online while sister's PC used Damien's stuff so he was unable to join in any reindeer games.

Yes I have to tidy up the cords and paint that network cable so it blends... I know.

Dec. 4th, 2008


Listening to Rachel's AAR broadcast(hosted by David Bender) Where they are discussing Penn's Milk . He insists it's a must see movie.

Wasn't Rachel just on vacation? *grumble*

Also Great idea.

Nov. 22nd, 2008

Keith and Rachel vacations and Retrograde

Rachel is back. :) New rule, Keith and Rachel are not allowed to go on vacation at the same time. Their respective guest host were great but...not them. Keith is going to be on Martha Monday...ummm weird but I would kill to see that..

Have I mentioned how awesome Retrograde, a SGA/SG1 xover is? I've read it a few time but I've been listening to the podcast version back and forth to work for the last few days and I especially love that. Brilliantly read by kyizi.
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Nov. 16th, 2008

pics mostly

Someone stole SSS bicycle right out of the bike room. They suck.

I had a very nice quiet weekend. Did nothing. I love those kinds of weekends and I haven't had one in ages.

Haven't tortured with pictures in ages so here are some from my trip to Vancouver. Yeah I think SSS and I are the only people in the world who laugh like maniacs when we see Safeway stores. You'd have to be a fan of Biblio to get it but I took way more picture of this store then I took of Bridge Studios. Woo. Safeway. *snicker*

A wall paper size

Nov. 10th, 2008

Keith on Prop 8

Why would anyone want to opposed happiness in a lonely and unhappy world.

His Special Comment was golden.


New icon! ♥

Keith was on The View today. He survived it!

I am having internet woes again. Stupid Sympatico.

Don't blame minorities for Prop 8 winning it's the religious who are at fault for this one.

Nov. 6th, 2008

Re -Palin

Totally ignoring how much I disagreed with her crack ideas. I can't understand this turning on her that her *own* party is doing. Sick IMHO. Plus if she can keep/buy back anything I hope it's that red leather jacket it looked great on her.

Now for the funny harlequin cover sent to me at work. )

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